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This has been sitting on my hard drive (and my desktop ;)) for waaaaay too long...
And as a bonus, I've included some icons I made of Sam from some of his previous movies/tv-shows (and 1 wallpaper from one of these movies)
Rules/notes: Vaguely spoilery for the movies, but nothing you wouldn't read off the back of the DVD really. Please credit pixiecreative if you use any icons. If you take any icons can you please comment so I know which ones people like :-). Also feel free to comment even if you don't take any. Please don’t hot link. Posting on tumblr or such is fine, but please source link back here. Enjoy!

Textless icons are not bases, however if you want some specific text added, don't hesitate to ask.

Bill/Sam Wallpaper:
This was a bit of an experiment, but I ended up being quite fond of it. Of course Sam's cute face may be pretty much entirely to blame

Click image to access the full res image

Sam T Icons etc
I've bundled all the alts in together, so sorry that several of the icons are practically identical! These icons were made primarily for my own nefarious drooling purposes so most of them are pretty basic as I was pretty much satisfied with Sam's sexy face. Apologies for the not so brilliant image quality in some icons. Most of Sam's movies are low budget indie movies and sadly that means a lot of the DVDs didn't have the best picture quality. All screencaps for these were taken by your truly.

Fear of Fiction Icons:
FoF 1 FoF 2 FoF 3 FoF 4 FoF 5
FoF 6 FoF 7 FoF 8 FoF 9

Undermind Wallpaper:
I was very much experimenting - while terribly hungover - with a technique here and I'm not exactly 100% happy with the results. As such, I was in 2 minds about posting it, but then I thought what the hell, it's worth posting just for Sam's sexiness so here you go:

Click image for full size

Undermind Icons:
Yet more experimentign with bits and pieces of the wallpaper. And yes I am so shameless as to objectify Sam's hot nekkid chest...

Und 1 Und 2 Und 3 Und 4 Und 5
Und 6 Und 7 Und 8 Und 9 Und 10
Und 11 Und 12 Und 13 Und 14 Und 15
Und 16 Und 17 Und 18 Und 19 Und 20
Und 21 Und 22

Anonymous Rex Icons:
The most oddball messed up hilarious movies I've ever seen. It should be a cult classic. Shame it never became a series, but then again if it had done well then maybe Sam wouldn't have been available for TB and that would have been a travesty :O

Anon 1 Anon 2 Anon 3 Anon 4 Anon 5
Anon 6 Anon 7 Anon 8 Anon 9 Anon 10
Anon 11 Anon 12

Justice Icons:
So I might have gotten a bit fixated on the scenes where he's wearing glasses. He was hot in other scenes, but I might just have a little... thing about glasses. Seriously though just look at him! He manages to look both incredibly hot and a bit dorky at the same time. My favourite combo XD

Just 1 Just 2 Just 3 Just 4 Just 5
Just 6 Just 7 Just 8 Just 9 Just 10

For the rest of my image sources and other art resources please see my resources post.


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